Thursday, January 3, 2008

Some progress

It is amazing how motivated you can get to clean up your space after you post your filth on the web. I've made some inroads. Still lots of work to do. I'm most pleased that the design wall is reassembled. It's portable, hangs on two hooks over the closet door or it can be moved to hang over the window. Yes yes, I know, we quilter's prize our natural light... well we haven't had natural light since mid-November and by summer, our cup will runneth over! When I can finally find black batting - that'll be what I use.

The design wall currently has some fabric thrown up on it that I thought might work with the Take it Further Challenge. They certainly are darker in the photograph than in real life though.

Back to more creative pursuits tommorow I hope!

1 comment:

Aussie Jo said...

Great job on the cleanup. I find it helps to declutter, seems to clear the mind as well so I can focus on the creative side. Though small you have a lovely little studio, mine is a corner of the family room shared with 4 children!!!