Friday, July 6, 2007

Felting it Up

I have been doing a fair amount of felting lately. These are sort of landscape ariel inspired - but they are thick so I'm not sure I can sew through them?

The one on the right has a lot of depth. I think they are way too busy - but I've been enjoying the process. Now if only I had an Embellisher!

Wednesday, July 4, 2007


So I'm updating less than 30 minutes later. But really, it's just to give Mom something to look at.

First piece - a sketch I originally did in which I liked the movement and energy of.

Decided to keep working with it. Using paint with a textile medium I put it onto cotton. Then I used a fusible fleece to back it with to give it stability and started to thread paint over it. I've put a canvas back on it and quilted it lightly. The last thing I need to do is figure out how to attach a binding around the edges and a rod for hanging. It was my first official effort and I think I'll put it into the festival. Part of a postcard challenge I participated in on Art2Mail. More playing around with felt and duffle and embroidery threads as well as thread painting with the sewing machine.

More ventures into art quilting. I've painted some of the flowers (well painted with the sewing machine) and blocked out the leaves. I have to decide what to do with the background.

And another... This one is giving me challenge. I like the design - but I used watersoluable crayon heat set to cotton and the thread hates being painted over it. You'll notice the bottom right hand corner is where I've started.

Explorations of late

Tea cozies for the festival. I've been humming..."a little crooked door, on a crooked church, in a crooked town' for the past 18 months as I make these!

(Note: Crooked is no reflection on the church!)

Using some tail ends of wool rovings which I felted (I have a bad habit of cutting all my felt sheets square) - I dry felted them together and then went nuts with embroidery and beading. It's an underwater, seascape inspired thingee. The photo above was taken a few weeks ago. The one below, this morning. I think it's done - now I just have to figure out how to display it. I think framed?

Also, some other fibre art postcards for the challenge.


I am going to give this a try! For the past few months I've been enjoying exploring the wealth of textile and fibre art blogs that have occurred over the internet; drawing both inspiration and enjoyment. This will be my experiment at sharing what I've been doing with the internet; although I don't promise to publish with any consistent frequency. Lets just stamp the word 'experimental' all over it shall we?