Wednesday, January 16, 2008


My conscience is requiring me to fess up a little lie I told yesterday. ::cough:: ::cough:: I'm so sorry! I need to admit that it didn't quite get to -42 last night. It, uhm, only made it to -41.8 according to Environment Canada. I know, I know - you are questioning my reputation, doubting my veracity, pondering the authenticity of my sources and wondering if everything that I've posted thus far has been so blatantly embellished. The shame of it all is a heavy weight to bear, trust you me. I was even thinking of applying for membership to Quiltland, but I'm a little afraid of being stoned! They have some tough rules over there. Apparently though, it'll be Zero degrees by Sunday afternoon (that's a little freaky - even for an area affected by your global warming!). I'm sort of wishing I hadn't seen the movie "The Day After Tomorrow" since according to its timeline, my little town was quite already annihilated while we were standing in line for popcorn!!!

Oh, and speaking of bare (groan moan groan), I was sorting through photos today (transferring them to archive because I'm desperately short of disk space) and came upon this one that I took at last summer's Festival of Quilts in Birmingham, England. Now, it ended up a little out of focus, so I tried to sharpen it a bit. I think I actually remember being a little annoyed that these ladies wouldn't move... (not - so - quick - on - the - uptake - She - is!).
Alright - off to spill blood on fabric!

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Helen Conway said...

Oh those women - I actually genuinely recognise them. they were always in front of the photos I was trying to take too!