Thursday, January 17, 2008

Aurora Minimums

2006 to 2010 is considered an Aurora Minimum period - when Canadians generally hog the northern lights and they can't be seen much past the border - except for seriously high activity. 2011 - 2016 will be an Aurora Maximum period (we dust em off and hand them back to the rest of the world.. all shiny and spiffy (okay, North America, at least). Because it has been quite cold, the aurora is very active tonight and rays are spread out across much the sky (I've got a very cold nose because I've been outside quite a bit watching them). They are a great source of inspiration - but darn difficult to represent nicely or effectively. I've been playing a bit to figure stuff out, but also decided to do some research and see who else has been inspired. These are all fairly random - with some commercial sites included. If the work is not specifically of the aurora, it is done with a technique that suggests them.

Random Aurora Research Links
  1. Anna Grossnickle Hines has a truly lovely quilt inspired by the bargello technique. She's documented the creation here.
  2. Terri Allen has a wallhanging at Flying Lillies Art Quilts.
  3. Norma in her Silver Thimble Quilting archives documented a guild talk by Judy Farrow last year - who spent a lot of time up north and has some interesting representations (along with othe themes).
  4. A little more well known is Carol Bryer Fallert's public commission. Photo's can be found at her website Bryerpatch Studio.
  5. A traditional interpretation of Aurora Stars by Shelley Swanland (click on the photo for a larger view) commissioned for RJR Fabrics. They've posted the pattern here.
  6. Over at Fembellish's blog - she did a tutorial on using Angelina - so while not strictly an aurora - it has some good possibilities. She also did a Celtic Moon felted quilt with the Embellisher that is truly lovely. she hasn't blogged for a couple of months, but I know she's dealing with crappy stuff of life at the moment {good thoughts!}
  7. Renate has posted some photos in her Picassa gallery - that I really liked; especially the Aurora - in Twisted Log Cabin.
  8. Vicki Hallmark's Diamond Series has some very nice inspirational stuff.
  9. Christie Dunning of California Fibers has a nice Aurora piece done in silk, paint and embroidery.
  10. Ann Fales Quilted Images has a truly beautiful wallhanging. This is the type of quilt I was sort of hoping to find when I started researching.
  11. Found Japanese dinnerware here and here - don't they scream quilt!
  12. Iwona Creation's Temple Northern Lights
  13. Regina Browne's Under Northern Lights 2
  14. Linda Gass' Art Quilts are gorgeous!
I bookmarked a ton more. The intent is to see what is out there and now try and figure out something different. Does anyone else work this way?

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