Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Mucking Out

Since quite a number of fellow bloggers have decided to start the New Year by cleaning out their stashes, UFO's, studios and lives; I'm feeling a little pressue to do the same (I am such a little lemming). Please note dear readers, that when I say "studio" you must immediately conjure up in your mind's eye "a teeny tiny closet sized room' doubling as office space, sewing space, painting space and storage space. Using the term studio, is my (inane albeit) way of living in the moment and creating the necessary aura to get the creative juices flowing.... akin somewhat to the philosophy of 'if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck....oooh, look, feathers'! Oh, never mind, forget the mind's eye thing - I'll just post photos.

With some trepidation, herewith is my very very messy studio. I hear the cries of 'shame' from here! Now, let us hope that I can do something about it. I'm giving myself a time limit. If you don't hear from me by early tommorow, please call 911. It's very likely that the embroidery floss has kidnapped me and is holding me ransom.

The sewing (and embellishing) corner. When I'm doing one, the other sits on the floor beside my feet. My UFO's are posed to the wall behind the sewing machine... along with miscellaneous flotsam that I may have started but have abandoned and can't bear to toss.

The closet (just to the right of the sewing machine, past some very useless decorative shelves). The bins hold most of my fabric and wool. Canvases are the bain of my storage problem - they never want to sit neatly anywhere. Art supplies are shoved higgledy piggledy in the closet.

Behind the door, next to the computer desk. I pin my patterns and sketches to the wall to get them out of the way. Computer paper, scanner and printer are on the shelves (look closely, did you know the paper tray of a printer is a wonderful paintbrush holder? .... me neither). What you missed is a filing cabinet (with stacks of miscellanous mail piled atop) wedged between the closet and the door.

My computer - a little old and more than a little cranky with age by now. It has way too many peripherals attached to it - but it's holding on (for now).

And finally, the floor. At least my collection of Quilting Arts magazines are neatly stacked on shelves.

I'm blaming (with affection and admiration) this whole process on Sharon B of In a minute ago. She's like the leader of this little fibre arts clique at the moment. And a clique we are - it's worse than Girl Guides. Don't get me wrong, I am enjoying it, but with the full realization that I've joined a group where addictive behaviour is encouraged! In a 12 step program - I think I'm on step .0002. Okay, enough banter.... off to the salt mines!

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Barbara Hagerty said...

What a great post and a great piece of history that hopefully, won't be lost to non-use! Great tutorial. I'm interested to see if and how you decide to use this with this month's theme/color challenge!