Monday, January 28, 2008

Sewing sideways!

After some self-assessment of the work I've been doing lately - I've come to realize that I'm okay with mucking around with thread and paint, but the quilting part is decidedly lacking. While I might hold out about not being able to sew a quarter inch seam to save my life; I really should get better at it. So, thought I'd better work on it a bit this weekend. Basically three colours - that I've stripped and sewn back together, cut again and appliqued. Nothing exacting and nothing fancy; progress below:
No not even strips. Wasn't wild about the yellow at first.
Wonderundered and free form cuts into buds and flowers.
Okay, so now I'll go muck about with thread... and maybe some paint...sticks.


Kay said...

Well, if I could freeform cut like that, I wouldn't worry about the quarter inch seam. Very interesting.

Lalhezar said...

I really love the colours and the tone of this fabric. It reminds me of Provence in France - that lovely indienne fabric of provence. Your work looks great too - I couldn't quilt to save my life. Well done.