Friday, January 18, 2008


Sort of. Central Sewing in Edmonton has sent me 16 felting needles for the Babylock Embellisher. If you'll remember, they said they were sending me 10, and I was sort of feeling cranky about it. I suppose I'm somewhat mollified - albeit now I'm cranky that I keep having to post retractions in my blog. That'll teach me to get all hot headed! I suppose I have to be all responsible to the whole editorial process. Still, appropriate communication in the first place would have prevented this!

I've also installed a little stat counter on the blog - it's very addicting! More surprising, there are people out there (beside my mum) reading the blog. Gah! I'll have to step up my game now and try and be interesting. I somewhat suspect I've embarked down a slippery slope!

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