Friday, January 4, 2008

Pushing the Purge!

The moving van with everything salvaged from Dad's house is due to arrive bright and early at 9:00 am on Saturday. It has taken 3 months for it to get here (or, depending on your perspective, 3 months for the ice road to get thick enough for commercial traffic). All creative endeavours have ground to a halt while we rush to purge our house of various debris and ready it for more debris from his house (we lot are packrats and the shipping costs to save family memories has come to a whopping $5,549.64 - OY!).

I now have quite a collection of scrap material - all neatly torn up into useable bits. Buttons stripped and tossed into the button jar. I am most excited about inheriting Dad's lovely antique dresser as well as some truly archaic sewing bits and bobs. These will all have to be sorted in that brief lull between van arrival and return to work on Monday. I have vague memories of a shopping extravaganza held in those odd moments between pre- and post- funeral madness - and I believe I threw most of that in a box as well. Plus, books. Lots and lots of books! I can hear the house tilting off its pilings in anticipation.

The upshot of it all is that we backslid a bit on studio progress as stuff got shuffled from room to room. Ah well, I'm beginning to believe that is the enduring curse of trying to make art out of fabric. I have planned a bunch of stuff out in my head though. Let's hope the download process goes smoothly!

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Helen Conway said...

Are you struggling to find black batting? I have a roll of it - I will swap you some for some Tundran ( is that actually a word?) fabrics if you like?
My email is on my blog)