Sunday, December 30, 2007

Works in Progress and Other Stuff

Our internet died on Saturday - I always assume that the town is down, but this time, it was us. When I put in the service call they said the tech would call us between 7 (AM) and 9 and make an appointment to drop by. Okay, no worries, that would give me enough time to make the house presentable. Well the tech guy called at 9 am (waking me up because I've been bad and stayed up late this holiday). He was parked outside the house. After 5 minutes of madly tossing things into dark corners - a babyfaced lad of about 12 arrived. He was very good and determined that our modem had died (or was about to die). While he worked, we chatted about lack of internet survival techniques (apparently he cleans his apartment..... I wonder if that was a dig?... probably not, but mortification thrived anyhow). Our problem is not cleaning, it is keeping clean. My fault as thread and fabric bits follow me from one end of the house to the other. I digress... what I did while I was netless yesterday is muck about with Shiva Paintstiks (I went nuts on Dick Blick when our dollar was beating the crap out of the US dollar).

This is the one that might actually turn out okay. I'm going to thread paint around the while flowers and then might bead and handembroider as well. You have to let the paintstiks dry for days, so we'll wait and see if this actually gets finished or not. I love this fabric! A tip: Most places in Canada are selling a set of 12 sticks for around $79. Dick Blick sells them for about $1.64 Each. You can also get student grade if you just want to muck about. I bought the professional grade ($1.64!).

Miscellaneous Shiva (aka Markal) Paintstiks Links (useful for gleaning tips and instructions)

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