Friday, December 28, 2007

Days 4, 5, 6, 7 and WOW, where did the week go?

I am making a mess! We put fruit out for Christmas, and some of it died (this happens alot where we live); so while I was cleaning up I decided not to waste the $11.95 for a teeny tiny bag of small cherries and threw them into a pot, tossed in some grapes and then simmered them up and dumped in some fabric. As an afterthought, I dumped in some thread too. I'm pretty confident this won't work - but what the heck. I suppose I should have taken the fruit out before I put the fabric and thread in? Some of the thread was bright crochet cotton pink (a really truly horrible candy floss pink) and it has now turned a fairly pleasing shade of bluey pink. We'll have to see what the natural thread looks like. When I was in Birmingham last summer I bought a starter kit of Procion Dyes - but if I was to play with them, I'd have to go get the old pots and that means shovelling out the path from the house to the shed; I doubt it would be a smart idea to use our cooking pots.

The embellisher and I have reached an impass of sorts; keep breaking needles (it or I is yet to be determined, but I suspect it might be me). It's not like I'm wedging 2 feet of felt under the needles. I've done some small stuff that I need to turn into something more substantive - which means pulling out fabric, irons, cutting mats, etc.. and the house is so clean at the moment, I'm loathe to do it. Still, I've been enjoying the process and am catching up on my audible downloads at the same time.

I have also been mucking about with denim strips and enjoying the results. When I slipped and fell last spring and the Ambulance folks had to cut off my jeans (sniff, they were a good pair tooo) I kept them - and am slowly turning them into an exploration of blues. I'll post photos later (gosh I promise that often don't I?).

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