Sunday, December 23, 2007

Day 2 - Fa la la la la

I'm not sure whether rearranging the livingroom really counts as a creative exercise or not? Hmmm? Well I did muck about with the embellisher a bit more and did a bit of thread running on my .... old woman series (really, I need to come up with a title). I've worked the fur - although it needs to be filled in a bit more. Also did some thread work on a landscape - which needs to be complicated up a bit (way too boring at the moment... as in dull to look at). The fruits of that 15 minutes or so are below:

Kunin on kunin with some roving and free motion thread work.

It's a wee bit distorted - camera or photograph (go with the latter).

May hand embroidery foilage in this one. Turn it into a 'slow cloth' perhaps?

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