Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Mukluks and Baby Belts

I thought I'd post some of my non-traditional traditional work. First there are the Mukluks - which still need the moosehide soles and beaver around the cuffs. Then there is the baby belt (messy studio shot behind). The baby belt is a little big (width and length) - so I'm not sure if it will actually become that. You'll have to bend your head sideways to get an idea of how it would look. It would make a neat wallhanging - except that I designed horizontally rather then vertically and hanging it would present some huge challenges. Both are done with applique and embroidery on stroud (the real stuff - I love this stuff - needles go through it like butter!). I was crushed when the only shop to sell it in Canada (ironically in Yellowknife) closed and am now hoarding what little of it I have left. It's about $70 a metre - and worth every penny! I have been working on another encrusted piece this evening - still in the formative stages and my hands are starting to cramp from the french knots!

It snowed last night! Only 9.5 more months till it melts - Whoopee!

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arlee said...

And i complain about rain here on Vancouver Island.......i should count my blessings,ay?
Seriously, you do wonderful wonderful work! Could you tell us what "stroud" is---a type of fabric or a leather?