Monday, February 18, 2008

Cheerful incompetence!

Warning: Ton of photos in this entry!

So I haven't had much to blog about lately - well, that's not quite true except that other schtuff has occupied much of my sewing time and blogging time and so I haven't had the inclination is probably more of an accurate statement (albeit a grammatical nightmare!).

Last weekend I did sew though. I am sew not a quilter! I took a paper piecing course (can we say ICK!) and have decided that those lovely productive women who create heriloom treats and other eye candy out of cotton have nothing to worry about in the way of ME! No way No how Not even close! Look close below and you'll see a few glaring boo boos that no quilter in their right mind would allow to remain unpicked. The instructor even offerred to unpick them for me herself... I just couldn't be bothered. I am so not a paper piecer. This took a day and a half! I am sew not a quilter! The last photo is what it might look like IF I ever sew it together. At the moment I'm kinda leaning towards random applique and then draw squiggly lines all over it.

The second project was Ricky Tim's convergence quilt (these were true 1/4 inch seams quilters - Ricky had to be found someplace!). I've decided that I hate the fabric - but I'll do something with it eventually - embellish the heck out of it I think. I like the idea behind it. The demo quilt was very cool - all pebbles and seashell themes. The book also is great and has some truly lovely pieces in it. However, I'm going to have to take baby steps towards curves. Did I mention I am sew not a quilter? The instructors' also did a mini trunk show of their own and various stuff they have created through their guild - Did I mention I am sew not a quilter? Lovely stuff, truly. Hey, did I mention that I am sew not a quilter?

I've been trying to finish off pieces rather than start anything new (and I will sew contradict myself later in this post) - which given my lack of inclination (or ability) to sew lately is proving problematic. One of my lil ole Inuvialuit ladies is nearly done - I just need to bind it (my inclination is to use bought binding - they type you buy at EvilMart - Hey, did I mention I am sew not a quilter?) I've re-secured the stitching down on the second lil ole one as well. No photos yet.

We had a fundraiser at work which resulted in a ton of rose petals. We have now boiled the lot of them to within an inch of their lives in the thin hope of making rose petal beads. The bright pink pot below is at the early stages (about 3 hours in). Lovely colour no? Our test beads stayed quite rosey in colour too - but are definately grainy in consistency. I have to say, when they say it takes three days of simmering to get the consistency of clay - well IT TAKES THREE DAYS OF SIMMERING TO GET THE CONSISTENCY OF CLAY!!!! Later beads are nearly black! Progressively displayed in the photos below; from flower (well lots more). Mulched in the blender to pot and simmered (never boil). Three days later for clay and then finally beads (sorry for the blurr). These probably need another day of drying before they are really hard. Lots of work and gives a whole new meaning to praying the rosary!

Oh, and finally, some scribbles on fabric with Shiva. Not sure if this will work or not... but the smell of the paintsticks is way nicer then the smell of the rose petals!

More at a later date..... Have a great week everyone!


Lynne said...

This really made me laugh as I am definitely not a quilter or piecer either though I admire other people. I've never heard of rose petal beads before and I have to say, my question is why would you do that? Sounds a lot of effort....

MargaretR said...

You have been very busy! I'm not a quilter either, but I'll have a go at anything. At first glance I thought you were making jam and it burnt(s) are you pleased with your beads? Do they smell of roses?