Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The kindness of ..... patrons?

So! A couple who bought one of my 'quilts' at last summer's festival recently sent me a photo of it all framed up nicely. I included it in an earlier post below. Normally (and I have a reputation) once I sell a piece (or have it wrenched unwillingly crying and kicking from my grasp!!) they disappear from my concious. I've been known, in fact, to wander by a piece of framed art and mutter "that's sorta okay?" only to have the owner roll their eyes skywards and mutter in exasperation "Well, duh, it's yours!". Kinda explains why I don't sell much doesn't it. Anyways, my only critique of the piece is my own fault - I wish my edges had been straighter and then that little crack of white cotton wouldn't be showing so much (my finishing leaves a lot to be desired - but I'll leave that self-lashing for another day). So, somewhere, someplace, a wee bit of my DNA (needle pricks) is hanging on someone's wall!!!!! Still freaks me out a bit. Anyways, I bring it up only because they sent me another email asking for something else. Here is the thing though. I HATE commissions. DREAD them. Can't stand them - and I have 7 at the moment - let me repeat for those in the back of the room - SEVEN! That quiet sobbing you hear in the background... my sewing machine! I leave you with....

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